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Shirley 2

The "Kenmar" was originally built by Ken Muggleton. I can't find any adverts for the shell being sold by Ken, but by early 1958 Monkspath Garage of Shirley, near Birmingham had become the sole distributors of the Kenmar shell. It was advertised as being available for both Ford wheelbase sizes, 7'6" & 7'10" in both 2 and 4 seater forms. The original price was £89 for the 6 piece shell, the 6 pieces being :- bonnet, scuttle, two doors, tail section and the boot lid. The fold flat front screen as can be seen in this picture was an extra £11-10s.

Shirley Mk1 Advert

Shirley 4

This picture taken from the original sales leaflet shows the two seater shell, a four seater being made simply by cutting out the section behind the front seats stopping at the rear bulkhead. If the four seater version was ordered from the works, the rear section would be made complete with the edges of the lengthened section rolled and flanged.

Shirley 6
Four seater shell

Shirley 8

Available right from the start was this hard top priced at £35 and only available for the four seat version. The original price list also listed a 12 1/2 gallon petrol tank at £2.5.0 and a boxed Ford chassis at £26.0.0

Shirley 10  Shirley 12
Mk1 & Mk2

From January 1959 the shell was now being called "The Shirley" and from January 1960 the Shirley Mk2 with a re-designed front was available.

Shirley 15           Shirley 17

This Mk2 also illustrates that a saloon was also available (note the full doors now incorporating window frames)

Shirley 19
A pair of Mk2 at the Historic Specials Day

Monkspath Garage became the Midlands version of Super Accessories stocking a wide range of bodies including Falcon, Rochdale and Hamblin. Also Ford Ten and Austin Seven speed equipment by Speedex, Aquaplane, LMB and Super Accessories and after the sale of bodies declined in early 1960's they carried on selling accessories for a number of years after.