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Dante 1

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Robin Reads first Dante speed equipment advert appeared in July 1956 under Robins Sporting Motorist Agency banner. Initially offering cylinder heads and finned sumps for the Austin Seven cast by Dan Taylor at the Horesten Foundry  in Derby's. They  were soon offering a wide range of products including inlet manifolds, valve chest cover and a four branch exhaust manifold. Then in late 1957 with the help of Jim Shaw amongst others, Dante introduced the aluminium Clubman body  for the Austin.

Dante 2
Dante Clubman
Followed in 1958 by the cycle winged Sprint.
Dante 3
Dante Sprint

Dante Cylinder Head

Dante Cylinder Head

Dante 1Dante 2

Dante 3Dante 4

Ford Special in Italy with Dante cylinder head

By 1958 a full range of tuning equipment was also available for the Ford Ten and "one off" bodies would be made to special order. But by May 1959 they had gone into liquidation and Robin joined Lotus as sales manager for a couple of years.
Then in late 1962 Robin Read was back in the specials business with this advert appearing for just a few months in the 750 MC Bulletin. 

Dante 4
Caldo Components advert Nov 1962