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Using Ford Sidevalve Components


Bowden 2



From 1957 Bowden were offering four speed gearboxes for the Ford 8-10hp. If you sent them a Wolseley, Morris of MG gearbox from 1933-37, a Ford casing and £6 10s they would return what they described as "one of the best conversions ever to fit the Ford 8-10hp". They would also convert your 100E from a Morris 10 for £16.

Bowden 4

One of their early offerings was this ifs unit for the Austin Seven but from October 1959 for £20 they offered this independent front suspension unit. It would bolt straight on to the Ford chassis in place of the beam axle and is the unit that I have on my Falcon. They were also available with different spring rates.

Bowden 6

Their biggest seller was the two leading shoe hydraulic brake conversion. I also have this on the Falcon and it consists of Morris MM Minor cylinders on the rear, MG TF on the front and a master cylinder from some kind of milk float!

Bowden 8

From 1960 they offered a 2.5 inch square tubular ladder chassis for body shells of 7`6" wheelbase for £47 10s. Front and rear axles were Ford with panhard rods although Bowden's own ifs unit could also be specified. Four Woodhead Monroe shock absorbers were also included in the price.

Bowden 10

This is also the chassis that was offered with the Super Two from Super Accessories.