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Falcon Shells Ltd was founded by Peter Pellandine in January 1957 and with him from Ashley Laminates he brought the 750 shell now called the Falcon Mk1 for the Austin Seven swb chassis and the Sports Racer for chassis from 6`11"- 7`8", now called the Falcon Mk2.

Falcon 2
Falcon Mk1
Falcon 4
 Falcon Mk2

From September 1957 a hard top was available for the Mk2  .

Falcon 5
      Falcon Mk2 with hard top

From April 1959 the Mk3 was available primarily for Ford 7`6" chassis, but it could also be mounted on chassis of similar wheelbase. Its name was later changed to Caribbean and was to become Falcons best selling shell.

Falcon 7
Falcon Mk3

Falcon 9
Mk3 with hardtop

Falcon Caribbean Mk 4

Falcon Caribbean Mk 4

During 1960 Falcon continued developing their shells and the Mk2, now renamed Competition was now available with twin headrest fairings.

Falcon 11

Falcon Competition Falcon Competition

Falcon Competition

Falcon Competition Falcon Competition

Falcon Competition

Also during 1960 Falcon announced a ladder chassis for Ford 10 powered specials.
Falcon 12
Falcon ladder chassis

The Caribbean and the Competition were now also available as a complete kit with a space frame designed by Terrier and a choice of engines.

Falcon 14
Falcon space frame

In December 1960 Falcon announced the Bermuda. This was a four seat version of the Caribbean.

Falcon 16
Falcon Bermuda

Also in December 1960 Falcon announced the Peregrine. This was similar in design to the Caribbean but was a lot sleeker and lower and a strict two seater with a space frame based on the Terrier designed unit that was used for the Caribbean and Competition models.

Falcon 18

In mid 1961 Peter Pellandine sold Falcon to Mike Moseley and his partners who in January 1963 announced the Falcon 515. This was a complete car with a space frame made by Progress and a Ford Classic Capri 1500cc engine and running gear.

Falcon 20
Falcon 515

Falcon 515 BrochureFalcon 515 Brochure

Falcon 515 Brochure Falcon 515 Brochure


Falcon 515

The 515 was to be Falcons last car and the company closed in 1964.
The Falcon Register has been run by Rob Daniels for the last ten years and the photo below shows Mike Moseley with the line up of Falcons at the Historic Specials Day in 1997. Falcons 40th anniversary year.

Falcon 22

Mk2, Bermuda, Peregrine, 515, Caribbean