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Cambridge address


Cambridge Engineering was started by the great Bill Williams in 1934  supplying parts for the Austin Seven. It was taken over in 1958 by D.H. Thomas and I. H. Brown. Throughout the years they offered all the usual tuning mods inc four branch manifolds, high lift cams and alloy cylinder heads, they also offered their own twin wishbone ifs conversion which was reported to be superior to all others on the market. 

Cambridge 1

       Cambridge alloy cylinder head


Also offered was the two seater MG type  body shell you see here.

Cambridge 2


In April 1962 they advertised the fact that they had bought the entire 750 stock from Jem Marshes Speedex company and so most of the parts previously available from Speedex could now be bought from them. This included the Silverstone body and their cast alloy wheels.  

Cambridge 3
The fibre glass Speedex Silverstone body


They carried on trading until January 1967 when this advert appeared in the 750 MC Bulletin. No more adverts appeared thereafter.

Cambridge 4
last add January 1967