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Using Ford Sidevalve Components



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Concordette 1


The Concord two seater Ford 8/10 conversion was available for chassis with 7`6" wheelbase. The first adverts I can find are from January 1960 and they boast a complete tubular mounting frame, fully boxed doors, Doors, boot and bonnet are hinged and fitted. Fibreglass dashboard, complete floor, front and rear bulkhead, wheel arches, tool and battery boxes. A very complete shell and with prices starting from £90 It is surprising that none are known to survive.

Concordette 2


In early 1961 the Concordette II was announced. Only this line drawing was shown and no proper picture appeared. It was just an improved version of the previous offering including concealed hinges on the doors, boot and bonnet. A hard top was also available at extra cost.

Concordette 3


No Concordettes are known to exist.