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Autobodies 2


Autobodies started producing body shells for the 7`6" Ford Pop chassis in 1958. Their first two were identical two seater coupe's but with a different grill. The Mk1 having a Jaguar C type grill while the Mk2 had more of an E type style grill with the headlamps on the front of the wings.

Autobodies 4

Autobodies Mk 1 redAutobodies Mk1 red






Autobodies Mk1 red

Autobodies Mk1


Autobodies Mk 2 yellow

Autobodies Mk2 yellow



Autobodies 6









The different grill of the Mk2

Then in 1960 Autobodies announced their last body shell, the Autobee Pacemaker. This had more modern, but radical styling and was their attempt at a four seater. Again designed to fit the Ford chassis it is thought that about thirty were built in the two years it was available. 

Autobodies 12

Autobodies 8 Autobodies 10









Autobee Pacemaker photographed at the 2005 Historic Specials Day