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Using Ford Sidevalve Components


Peel Engineering Co
Isle of Man

Peel Add

Advert for the later Peel 1000 body shell for Ford-based and other home constructed specials of the mid 1950's. This advert is from Motor Racing magazine, November 1956.

Peel Mk1

Peel Mk1 body circa 1952/53

Photo taken outside their factory. The bridge is still there and on You Tube there is a film of about a dozen of there bubble cars driving over it.

Courtesy of the 'Malcolm Buckler collection'


Peel Mk1 rear

Peel Mk1 rear.

Courtesy of the 'Malcolm Buckler collection'

Peel Mk1 alternative front end

Peel Mk1a, alternative front end.

Courtesy of the 'Malcolm Buckler collection'


Peel White


The red car was spotted at the Beaulieu Autojumble in September 2010. It may be fitted to a old MG chassis e.g. TA or similar. The P1000 looks good, if rather confusing, with the MGA grille and windscreen. The target 90-inch wheelbase is 4-inches too short for MGA.

Peel Red

I don’t know much about the Peel but I believe they made fibreglass boats as well as fairings for motorcycles and then went on to make the worlds smallest car, the P50 microcar.