Specials & Sports Cars

Using Ford Sidevalve Components


Dellow Badge


Dellow Engineering Co. Ltd.
Albert Street,
Near Birmingham.


Dellows are not really Specials as they were nearly all fully built production cars, but like all other cars that use Ford sidevalve running gear and that were not built by Ford they are included with the Specials. The Dellow name was made up from the factory owners’ surnames, Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe. From the beginning, all the cars were based on the products of the Ford Motor Co, in so far as the power units and axles were concerned, all models being equipped with the 1172 cc. British Ford four-cylinder engine. This policy was adopted for two main reasons. The Ford Company could always supply the components that Dellow required for their exacting needs and satisfy the economic considerations demanded by the production of such vehicles. Also, Ford-based cars had been proved, more successful in this particular field than any other make available on the market.
The Dellow Company can claim to be one of the first automobile manufacturers in Great Britain to have used rigid tubular chassis and coil spring suspension. With a good ground clearance and a very light weight these sturdy little cars have proved ideal for this specialized type of activity. The bodies are built up from welded steel tubes which are, in turn, welded to the chassis frame forming an integral structure of great strength. Aluminium body panels are added which give a durable result with an attractive, purposeful appearance without unnecessary weight.


Dellow Mk11B

Only about 300 Dellows were produced between 1946 and 1959 (later cars were made by a new company, Dellow Engineering Limited).