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Using Ford Sidevalve Components

Markhan Peasey

5-6 and 163 Gleneldon Mews
Streatham, S.W.16.

MarkhamPeasey 1

Roy Markham and Wally Peasey's first shell, The Sabre, was made to fit the Ford Ten chassis of 7`6".

MarkhamPeasey 3






Most of these early shells seam to have been fitted to pre war chassis but from 1959 a complete moulded floor could be purchased bonded to the shell for the post war chassis only. The shell was available in 2 or 4 seater versions and was priced from £75-£135 depending on specification.

MarkhamPeasey 5
Ford Model C based Sabre

Also from 1959 a new shell was announced for the Austin Seven chassis of 6`10" wheelbase again priced at £75.

MarkhamPeasey 7
Austin Seven based Super Sabre

MarkhamPeasey 9
Super Sabre pictured at Coften Park beside "The Austin" factory

From September 1960 adverts for this strange looking car began to appear in the motoring press. Surely no one believed that this car could exist, especially based on a Ford Pop chassis. The body was advertised to be available from a number of dealers throughout the country but no one ever produced a photograph.

   MarkhamPeasey 11

 Then at the Racing Car Show at the Horticultural Halls in London in January 1961 the shell was exhibited.

MarkhamPeasey 13MarkhamPeasey 15

Two views of the Celeste taken at the 1961 Racing Car Show

Although a few were sold it is thought that no Markham-Peasey Celeste's have survived. Somebody please prove me wrong.
One month after this show the company was sold to Les Montgomery of Super Accessories and the Celeste was no longer made available.